Season 4
Salonga: Africa’s Biggest Rainforest (Part 1)

Salonga National Park is Africa’s biggest rainforest. It’s surface is larger than Belgium, the Congo’s former colonial ruler. An estimated 80,000 elephants once roamed Salonga’s forests. After decades of poaching, only elephants 1,800 remain, but the forest is largely intact. To save this world heritage site, Congolese authorities are co-managing the park with WWF, using both a carrot and stick approach. 350-armed eco-guards now patrol this vast road less wilderness, trying to stop the illegal bush meat trade. Model farms, set up next to the park, are showing local communities, a more sustainable way to survive. GNV travels to the heart of Salonga, to see how rangers and conservationists are trying to save this biological treasure.

A Film By: Olivier Grancher, Katya Katondolo, Andrew Tkach, Patrice Citera, Cedric Mbongo, Michael Castofas